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NY Cheesecake de Pistacho

Pistachio Vegan Cheesecake – A Taste of Catalunya’s Best

Experience the exquisite taste of our vegan pistachio cheesecake, a true testament to the rich flavors of Catalunya. Sourced from local pistachio farms, this cheesecake is a delightful fusion of creamy, plant-based goodness and the unique, nutty essence of fresh pistachios.

Key Features:

  • 100% Vegan: Crafted entirely with plant-based ingredients for a guilt-free indulgence.
  • Locally Sourced Pistachios: Enjoy the authentic, rich flavor of pistachios from Catalunya.
  • Gluten-Free Option: Available without gluten for those with dietary restrictions.
  • Sugar-Free Option: Sweetened with natural alternatives for a healthier treat.
  • Handmade in Barcelona: Every cheesecake is made with care and passion in our bakery.

This pistachio cheesecake is the perfect addition to your vegan brunch or as a luxurious dessert. Pair it with our specialty coffee or a refreshing herbal tea for an unforgettable experience.

Order Now and Savor the True Flavors of Catalunya!

Desde: 6.50

Savor Natury’s pistachio vegan cheesecake, featuring locally sourced pistachios from Catalunya. Available gluten-free and sugar-free. Order from our Barcelona bakery today!

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